Did You Know...Smith has a Bloomberg Terminal?

Yay - we have a Bloomberg Terminal! But wait, what is it?

The Bloomberg Terminal (or the Bloomberg Professional Service, depending on who you ask) is a vital tool in the finance industry. This software system provides real-time global market news, data, in-depth research, analytics, and communication services all on one platform to over 300,000 people across the world. Deemed as “the central nervous system of global finance” by it’s parent company Bloomberg L.P., this tool helps investors make informed, critical, and transparent investment decisions with limited risk or uncertainty. Since markets are constantly changing, Bloomberg users also have the ability to access market news and financial analysis via their mobile phones and PCs/laptops with Bloomberg Anywhere.

A few economics professors have begun including assignments/projects that require information from the terminal in order to expose more students to the tool. With the resource being used in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, students have multiple opportunities to become proficient in using the term, making them more attractive candidates for finance internships and post-graduation employment opportunities. Thanks to the partnership between the Conway Center and Smith Libraries, all Smith students have access to the Bloomberg Terminal - just take a walk down to Young Library in Bass Hall!

As part of a summer internship with the Conway Center, Danielle Davis ‘21 was challenged with the task of exploring the terminal, completing the  Bloomberg Terminal Certification program, and providing insights for a user experience guide. This month, we sat down with her to learn more about why the Bloomberg Terminal is a great resource to have on campus.

What is the Bloomberg Terminal used for?

Davis: The Bloomberg Terminal is used in the professional world as a tool to provide real-time financial data and news. It is important that Smith has one because of its prevalence in the financial world. The sooner college students understand how the terminal works, the easier the transition into the financial sector will be.

What was your first impression of the Bloomberg Terminal?

Davis: I found the technology to be overwhelming at first because of its wide variety of uses, but after going through training I found that every tool in Bloomberg was explained thoroughly. When I was assigned the task of receiving Bloomberg Certification I was excited because I had never heard of Bloomberg before and as I did more research I realized how vital a tool it is if I want to pursue a career in finance. The certification process was in-depth in that there are four sections with videos and short quizzes to test your knowledge, as well as a list of functions and their uses at the end of each chapter.

Why do you think it's necessary for Smith to have a Bloomberg Terminal?

Davis: If students want to be prepared when leaving college and entering their future career in finance, knowing how to use the tool is essential. It would be great if more professors integrate the Bloomberg Terminal into courses because it is an incredibly useful tool. It is guaranteed that this type of technology is used in the professional world and will need to be understood by recent graduates. The Bloomberg Certification only scratches the surface of all the capabilities this machine has to offer and continuing to practice with the different functions is necessary.

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